Friday, January 27, 2017

January 27: Five Bucks Friday!

Really easy in-house surf party Today!

Just surf and watch for VIRAL TRAFFIC GAMES button on surfbar. Play the game and win cash, credits, banners & texts as usual!


20x $0.25 prizes are activated on VIRAL TRAFFIC GAMES pages - $5 in total!

 Play ZUBEES Emerald Hunter game after every 62-65 pages surfed! More info on Zubee Zone.

 Play VIRAL TRAFFIC GAMES while surfing! Win credits and even some cash. Look for VTG button on surfbar. More info on Viral Traffic Games.

 Find HotBucks on TrafficBowling (authorized site) and win up to $1! More info about HotBucks can be found on CSN site! Come, surf, find bucksman and claim advertising and cash!

 Surf about 125 pages to find TE PROMOS PRIZE PAGE! More info about TE PROMOS Points (can be converted to cash!) can be found on TE PROMOS site!


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