Saturday, October 1, 2016

October 1: Zuber Zubee Zurf!

October 1: Zuber Zubee Zurf

TRAFFIC BOWLING participates in Zuber Zubee Zurf. Surf 150 pages at both Zubee Downlines and Traffic Bowling and you will qualify for the prize draw.

Use Promo code: ZURFBOWLING1001 (code works on both sites).

All prizes will be awarded by Zubee Downlines from userid "ybear211"

5 prizes of 2,000 Zubees To Be Won!


 Play ZUBEES Emerald Hunter game after every 62-65 pages surfed! More info on Zubee Zone.

 Play VIRAL TRAFFIC GAMES while surfing! Win credits and even some cash. Look for VTG button on surfbar. More info on Viral Traffic Games.

 Find HotBucks on TrafficBowling (authorized site) and win up to $1! More info about HotBucks can be found on CSN site! Come, surf, find bucksman and claim advertising and cash!

 Surf about 125 pages to find TE PROMOS PRIZE PAGE! More info about TE PROMOS Points (can be converted to cash!) can be found on TE PROMOS site!
 Surf 51, 101, 251, 501 & 1001 pages to find TE MARATHON SURF MEDALS! More info about these surf medals can be found on TE MARATHON site!
 Find iCoins (can be redeemed for cash) every 67-69 pages surfed. More info about iCoins on I-PRO-X traffic exchange site.


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