Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August 25: Surf Party with Sunshine Surf Club via PromoSlice

Surf 150 pages on BOTH TEs for a chance to win!

Each TE will pick 5 winners of $0.10/50/150/150!

*Only those who completed surfing on BOTH TEs can win!

**Must be a member of PromoSlice to participate in this surf party!

Just surf on the following site(s) till you find the prize/claim page!

Find Bonus CTP XP** every 56-59 sites surfed!
**You must be a member of Click Track Profit to claim this prize!

Find HotBucks on TrafficBowling (authorized site) and win up to $1! More info about HotBucks can be found on CSN site! Come, surf, find bucksman and claim advertising and cash!

Claim TOP Surfer Awards Certificate points after 125 pages surfed! More info on CMG site.

Claim Prosperity Coin after 250 pages surfed! More info on ProsperityHits4U site.


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