Thursday, May 21, 2015

May 20: Relaxed Thursday Surf Party!

Surf 120 pages and You will find special claim page for 125x125px banner advertising for 7 days. Our 125x125 banners are shown on all our network sites - TrafficBowling, ShowAds, MoreCoolTraffic, eTrafficSeekers &!

Submit Your claim with all required info to be in the draw!

There will be 2 winners!


We added 20x $0.15 prizes on VIRAL TRAFFIC GAMES Prize Page - available for ALL members!

Find Bonus CTP XP** every 56-59 sites surfed!

+ Find HotBucks on TrafficBowling (authorized site) and win up to $1! More info about HotBucks can be found on CSN site! Come, surf, find bucksman and claim advertising and cash!

**You must be a member of Click Track Profit to claim this prize!

Good Luck!

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